History of the Marienhöh Monastery

The Marienhöh's days as a monastery ended with the last religious service in the chapel on 7 June 2004, but the story didn’t end there!

Peace, nature, recreation. At the beginning of the last century, two wealthy ladies from Koblenz recognized the value of the idyllic property and had a childrens’ home built here. In 1927 it was acquired by the city of Oberhausen. Thousands of needy children recovered and thrived here.

After the war the facility was used temporarily for the care of the elderly by the Borrmaers from Trier. From 1951 children were again the focus. The Sisters of Mary took over the property and expanded it.

For 50 years the village of Langweiler lived in close symbiosis with the Cloister Marienhöh, until the sisters gave it up in 2002. In 2004 the private real estate company BonnVisio acquired the property with all the buildings, to bring to life a new vision: offer people in need of rest and relaxation a very special hotel experience in the pure air of a natural environment. The Cloister Hotel Marienhöh was born.

On 1 May 2009, the Marienhöh was opened as a golf, hiking and family hotel under the direction of Jan Bolland as executive and hotel operator. Along with the Marienhöh, he operates the 'BollAnts in the Park' Romantik Hotel and Vital Spa in Bad Sobernheim an der Nahe, a multiple award-winning wellness and health resort. The Cloister Hotel Marienhöh belongs to the „finest addresses in the Rheinland Palatinate“ - a group of outstanding hotels and restaurants under the direction of the Bolland-Anton family. The mother Elke Bolland directs the „Günderodehaus“ on the Rhein, a wonderful destination over the Oberwesel in the Mittelrhein world cultural heritage site.